Here is a fun idea for parents to do with their young artists. When I was a young preschool teacher my assistant, Jennifer Cacaiomo, would pick an artist of the month and display their work around the room. We would talk about the artists at circle times and snack times. We would talk about the different mediums - watercolors, chalk, paints, prints, pen and ink etc. We would offer different opportunities for the children to use these same mediums.

Parents you are not a classroom teacher but you can still incorporate this technique into your children’s activities. Expose them to the artwork of great artist. Have books and pictures available. If you children are old enough visit an art museum. Give them opportunities to use different art mediums. It is great fun way to spend some quality time with them as well as a chance to get them off their tablets, phones and computers.

Here are two great examples. The Great Wave: is a Children's Book Inspired by Katsushika Hokusai. Hokusai was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and a printmaker of the Edo period. Beautiful artwork and lends it self to a great vegetable print art project for the little ones.

Frida Kahlo: The Artist who Painted Herself is another great choice. “Through original artwork by the renowned artist Tomie dePaola-a longtime aficionado of Frida Kahlo's work, as well as beautiful reproductions of Kahlo's paintings, this latest Smart About book explores the creative, imaginative world of Mexico's most celebrated female artist”. Children can draw a self portrait or draw an outline of their body prints and have them fill in the details that they think will represent a picture of themselves. It is also perfect for dress up time.

The Frida Kahlo book is just one of several in the Smart About Art series. Picasso, Monet, Renoir are just a few of the artist covered in this series. Let your imaginations run free and enjoy some creative time with your little ones.

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