The Power Behind Manifestation

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

6:30 - 8:30 pm

It's Free!


 Start the New Year on a high energy level.  Before you set your smart goals, make your resolutions and design your action plans, we will focus on raising our vibrational energies and frequencies. Start the manifestation process and become a vortex of creation following the guidance of Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction model.


We will spend our time together to create the environment,  prepare the right atmosphere and be in alignment with our own desires,  so we can become a vortex of creation and attract what we need to receive our desired outcomes.   

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Coaching Certification Classes 

We are really excited to announce that we now have completed a Level I and Level II coaching curriculum. This program offers over 60 credit hours and is designed for the student who knows they want to pursue an ICF credential.

Level I touches on the tools, techniques of coaching based on the ICF Core Competencies. 


The Level II course is focused on coaching on a deeper level.  It is for the coach who has learned the basic tools and techniques and is ready to explore coaching at the Master level, being totally present to go beyond the surface level the client presents, (as defined by the International Coaching Federation).


New schedule coming in 2019