Benoit-Wise Life Coach Training was founded in 2014 by Luke Benoit MA, ACC and Joan Wise MA, ACC, to train professional coaches to their advance coaching skills.  Benoit and Wise have trained thousands of individuals, worldwide,

 who were interested in entering the coaching field. Both trainers have their own private coaching practices helping individuals from teen years forward who are ready to make positive changes In their relationships with themselves, money, partners or the world.

Using the knowledge they gained from their experience they designed a program to help professional coaches enhance and perfect their coaching skills to become more resourceful, effective coaches. Student will learn experience various techniques and tools that draw from practices such as NLP, EFT, Law of Attraction and Mindfulness, and will help them bring clients to an increased their awareness of their own competencies, shifting them past their self-sabotaging limiting beliefs.  To transition the coaches skills to a higher level the program has theoretical and experiential components included providing a powerful and meaningful learning experience.

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You will:

  • Learn how to best connect with your own talents and passions so that you are serving the needs of your clients without bringing in your agenda.


  • Discover basic structures that will support building a successful practice.


  • Find tools you can use to improve your skill set


  • Enjoy exploring your ideas and goals with a group of like-minded positive individuals.





  • A practicing coach who wants to take your skills and certification to a higher level


  • An accomplished professional preparing for a second career that requires advanced skills and experience


  • A manager, internal trainer, or organizational development professional seeking to enhance your inherent coaching skills

  • Seeking to become a professional life coach to guide, inspire, and empower others to help them reach their potential and get real results!

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